James Brownhill Memorial Fund

Annual Bursaries

For an application form visit www.pyb.co.uk/james-brownhill-memorial-fund.

The Mountain Training Trust (MTT) was established in 1996 by the British Mountaineering Council, Mountain Leader Training UK and Mountain Leader Training England.

The Trust is a ‘not for profit’ company and is a registered charity established for the advancement of the public benefit of education, training and skills.

MTT was awarded the contract to manage Plas y Brenin on behalf of Sport England in 1997.

The principal business activity of the Mountain Training Trust is the delivery of high quality outdoor adventure training.

Following the tragic death of James in July 2011 the family approached MTT to establish a memorial fund which would provide a positive ongoing memorial to their son. It was decided that provision of bursaries to university mountaineering clubs activists would encourage like minded young people to pursue mountaineering as safely as possible.

The courses delivered by Plasy Brenin have been adjusted over the years and now is five residential days of Scottish Winter Mountaineering essentials in the Western Highlands - with like-minded people of a similar age. Using ice axe and crampons on steeper snow and winter scrambling terrain the course will cover winter navigation, avalanche evaluation, building a snow shelter and basic ropework.

After providing funds for other memorials, which are detailed on this site, the remaining funds within the JBMF provide the £4,000 of bursaries a year to subsidise the climbing courses. The will be for a total of 223/4 years to match James' age.

In order to be eligible for a bursary from the James Brownhill Memorial Fund you must be a member in your university climbing club.

Ideally you will share the training with other climbing members and a desire to maintain climbing safety standards.

Event details are available on the Facebook page.

As a result of the very generous donations and sponsorship monies received by the JBMF we can proudly announce that the original intention of providing bursaries for a 5 year period has been quickly met and now the fund will provide bursaries for

22 3/4 Years

To match the age of James when he died.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to and supported the fund in a wide variety of ways. We know James lives in ALL your hearts.