James Brownhill Memorial Fund

Who Benefits From The JBMF?

Thanks to the tremendous support since James’ accident in July 2011 the funds raised are used in the following ways and are expected to continue for many years;

The JBMF has funded bursaries for 10 years so far and intends to do so for 22 3/4 years in full. Currently £4,000 a year is provided to send 8 volunteer climbing club leaders for a weeks residential Winter Mountaineering course in the Scottish Western Highlands.

Previous winners

Previous winners

Event details are available on the Facebook page.

As a result of the very generous donations and sponsorship monies received by the JBMF we can proudly announce that the original intention of providing bursaries for a 5 year period has been quickly met and now the fund will provide bursaries for

22 3/4 Years

To match the age of James when he died.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to and supported the fund in a wide variety of ways. We know James lives in ALL your hearts.